About us

When Q-Mass started up its sub contract machining business early in 2006, it was clear that it had to be something different, in order to be successful. With its main focus on the quality of its work, Q-Mass (Quality Manufacturing and Supply Solutions) knew it had to able to deliver consistently high quality added value components in a commercially competitive environment.

For this to happen, Q-Mass needed to employ people, machinery and business processes capable of setting and continually improving these high standards.

Recruiting such a level of person has required a patient and uncompromising approach, but has led to a team of people with not only the correct technical skills but also a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. It is clear that this approach has been the correct one and has ensured a culture of getting it right first time. Customers now have confidence to place orders for even the most complex parts the oil industry requires, knowing that they will be delivered correctly.

The substantial investments Q-Mass has made in machinery and equipment have ensured that it has rapidly become one of the most capable machine shops in the industry. With several Mazak 5-axis turning centres, a TBT 5-axis deep hole drilling (Gun drilling) centre, several other 2 & 3 axis turning centres and several EDM machines, most jobs can be tackled whether it is for 1 off prototypes or larger production runs.

Much of Q-Mass's work has been in new product development where the technology required by the oil industry means increasingly complex designs need to be manufactured. These often include complex geometries, gun drilled ports, tight tolerances, surface finishes etc. and are typically required in short lead times to allow testing to take place.

When proven products are required, Q-Mass also has the capacity, capability and processes to manufacture larger production runs without compromise to quality.