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As this is a continually changing picture, please contact us on +44 (0) 1355 247 780 or mail@q-mass.co.uk to find out the current situation.

Please send information to mail@q-mass.co.uk and we will respond quickly to the enquiry.

All client information is treated confidentially but if a Non Disclosure Agreement is required we are happy to comply with this too.

Q-Mass has brought together a mixture of skilled individuals who have been 'hand picked' due to their competency and positive attitudes, and enthusiastic apprentices who are learning from the others.

There is also an ongoing training program (internal and external training) which ensures skills are continually developed and shared within the workforce. Stringent measures and quality assurance processes help monitor the performance.

Q-Mass's solid business processes are supported by ISO 9001:2015 standards, and along with the right people and equipment ensure consistency of work and that the high standards are maintained.

We are always interested to hear from capable and motivated people who would like to join the Q-Mass team. Please send a CV to lynn.wood@q-mass.co.uk if you think you fit those criteria.