Threading example

Q-Mass has chosen to invest heavily in Multi Task Turning and Milling machinery in preference to the more traditional separate Lathes and Milling machines. The benefits of this include time and cost savings through reduced set ups, more accurate machining through single set ups for several operations, savings in tooling and fixturing, etc.

Q-Mass has also opted to invest in Mazak machine tools in preference to some of the more readily available and less expensive options on the market. This is largely due to Mazak's reputation for quality, accuracy, reliability and longevity. The Mazak Integrex and E-Tower machines which Q-Mass has several of (see plant list), are widely considered to be leading world class machines.

Substantial time and expense has been spent on training experienced operators on the programming and operation of these multi tasking machines, in order to achieve the quality standard required by Q-Mass and its customers.